Mature couple talking with receptionist at Sugar Bay Barbados

Insider Tips

Experience Barbados Like A Local!

Our experts have created a list of unique things to do, see and experience throughout the island – including hidden gems you won’t read about in a guidebook.
Need more advice on what to do while you’re here? Ask a member of our staff. We’re happy to offer suggestions. 


Driving is done on the left...period. You can get a visitor’s driving permit from the Licensing Authority or through your preferred car rental company for a nominal fee.


Drink the tap water - it’s some of the cleanest and safest water in the world.


Try the local Bajan Pepper Sauce if you like a fiery kick. It’s usually offered at most restaurants but be warned, this local sauce packs a punch.

People spend their time in Colin's Rum Shop at Sugar Bay


Speaking of punch, drink a Rum Punch or two or three, from as many places as you can. You’ll notice rum punch may vary in taste, and especially potency, from place to place.


Try public transport - buses are easy to use and cost only USD 1.75 or BDS 3.50 per trip. Having exact change is recommended as not every bus may offer change. 


Speaking of public transport, pay attention to the bus pole signs. Bus poles say either ‘Bus to City’ or ‘Bus Out of City so if you’re lost, (which isn’t the worst thing in Barbados) follow the bus signs to Bridgetown and you’ll be fine.


Don’t miss the racehorses bathing in the sea at Pebbles Beach. You have to be early to see this remarkable sight, which occurs every morning between 6 am and 7am.


Go to Oistins for the freshest catch of the day - very popular for casual dinner on Friday evenings, but great any day of the week and for lunch too.

Meat on a grill with flames at Sugar Bay Barbados


Barbadians (Bajans) are very friendly and polite and will more often than not say hello to complete strangers when passing, so don’t be shy, you can say hello back too!


Cuzz Cafe fish cutters are the best sandwiches anywhere -  a cutter is a sandwich served in a roll type bread called Bajan Salt Bread, to say a Cuzz cutter is a must try is an understatement. Pro Tip: save yourself getting in line twice -  order two cutters and grab an ice cold local Banks Beer to help “wash it down” as we say here on the island. 


Visit Speightstown for what feels like a genuine walk back in time. This quaint, artsy town has a plethora of bars and restaurants to choose from, but also boasts original 18th century architecture from the bygone colonial era and Arlington museum, which is well worth a visit. 

Couple enjoying the sunset from the shore at Sugar Bay Barbados


The south coast boardwalk is one of the best locations for a nice outdoor run, a cold beer, casual food and beach hopping.


Visit the Globe Drive-in theater, one of the only drive- in theaters in the Caribbean and catch a movie under the stars.


Farmers markets are where it’s at - Brighton Farmers Market in St. George and BARVEN Super Outdoor Market on the Mighty Grynner Highway are two of our faves.


Don’t do drugs - Barbados has strict drug laws and it is not advisable to partake in recreational use whilst on the island no matter how tempting or available it may be while sitting under that palm tree.


Bring your workout clothes, Barbados has a wide range of outdoor physical activities to  keep you in shape while on vacation. From running and bike tours to hikes, adventure races and beachside yoga, staying fit on the island feels more like play than working out.

A couple balancing on an exercise ball at Sugar Bay Barbados


Unless you’re in the military, camouflage in any form is illegal and can result in fines up to USD 5000.


If you love fried chicken, head over to Chicken Rita’s in Silver Sands, for the best chicken and chips this (or any) side of the Atlantic. 


In our humble opinion, we have the best fast food chain in the world, Chefette Restaurant. Bajans and visitors alike, not only swear by it, but also highly revere it. If you doubt us, ask international singer Drake, about the rotis.

Tropical beach with palm trees near Sugar Bay Barbados


Barbados is safe, in fact one of the safest places you can visit, but remember to be as diligent and mindful of your surroundings and belongings as you would when travelling to an unfamiliar place anywhere else in the world.